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ca. 54 To





safely warehouse-stored, securely signode-strapped, packed in bundles,  
no MTCs available, pictures below, produced out of galvanized slit coils,
longitudinally welded, stocked in UK


Diameter:                    20,00 mm
Wall thickness:             1,20 mm
Length:                        3.375 mm


We kindly ask you to submit your best market-conform bid on basis
CPT / CFR your nominated place or port.
-non discharged-            

As of June 2019.

To be agreed on.


2nd choice material as well as special items and overrollings will be delivered without any warranty. Devaluation reasons: Various surface defects or differences. Information on quality, zinc coating, surface finish, surface protection, length and tolerances are non-binding. The information listed on this are indicative only. We are not liable for the intended use and costs. Furthermore, we point out that unprocessed raw material is not claimable. After leaving the mill or warehouse the material has been delivered and accepted. Any kind of claims are rejected. There is no right of any compensation in case of non-availability of the goods.